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About Me

My name is Amy D'Camp. I have always loved to draw, and though fascinated by biology and science growing up, I was sure I would be a fine artist. However, in my junior year of high school, I discovered the Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration program at Iowa State University. After taking the Human Anatomy course my senior year I knew this was what I wanted to do. I enrolled in the BPMI program and have never looked back.

BPMI gave me what I was always searching for in my art: an application beyond abstract interpretations of the surrounding world. I took courses in figure drawing, biology, anatomy and illustration. I participated in several art exhibits, including two juried shows at the Octagon Center for the Arts. In 2011 I began work as an illustrator for the anthropology department. I excelled in these settings and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in May 2012.

The graduate program at Georgia Regents University shaped my style even further, honing my technical skill, and proving my passion for Medical Illustration. As part of the program I have taken anatomy with medical students, I have observed and sketched procedures in the Operating Room, and I have collaborated with medical professionals to create illustrations and animations. I joined the Association of Medial Illustrators, and participated in the salons at the annual meetings at Salt Lake City and Rochester MN.

This rewarding career allows me to keep developing as an artist while staying up-to-date on the newest technologies and scientific breakthroughs. I strive to ensure that my clients are just as satisfied, communicating with them to find the best solution to each individual problem. I strongly believe that Medical Illustration makes a difference, whether it is helping future physicians learn complicated procedures or easing a patient's fears of their condition. As a medical illustrator, I am also a teacher, and it is my ultimate goal to help others make informed health decisions. As technology grows with our medical knowledge, so does our ability to educate.